Head and neck (frontal view)
Lower abdomen and pelvis
Chest and upper abdomen
Left lower leg (dorsal view)
Right lower leg (frontal view)
Left popliteal fossa
Left foot (plantar view)
Right knee (frontal view)
Left hand (palmar view)
Right hand (dorsal view)
Right elbow and cubital fossa (anterior-medial view)
Left shoulder (upper-lateral view)
Right foot (dorsal view)
Right inguinal and gluteal region
Heart (frontal view)
Retroperitoneal region with kidneys
Heart (dorsal view)
Visceral surface of liver with pancreaticoduodenal unit
Right hand (palmar view)
Larynx and lungs (frontal view)
Head and neck with back (dorsal view)
Head and neck with upper chest
Female perineum and the pelvis